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Diet Plans

The 1200 calorie diet counts

The 1200 Calorie Diet | Is It Effective For Long Practicing?

Sometimes you feel you are not happy with your body shape, you cannot move as freely as you’d like, or you are not satisfied...
Paleo Vs. Mediterranean Vs. Vegan

Paleo Vs. Mediterranean Vs. Vegan | Which One to Follow?

Following a healthy diet is a daily challenge. Today our article is about a popular diet, which is the paleo diet. We will talk...


Coffee and lemon Juice Diet

The Coffee and lemon Juice Diet | Is It Effective?

There is a new trend nowadays on the internet that claims Lemon and coffee have...
partner yoga poses

Best 90 partner yoga poses for two people (Acro Yoga)

You would definitely know that yoga is the best mental conditioning exercise that can stabilise...
Low-Calorie chocolate bars

18 Low-Calorie Chocolate Bars | Don’t Feel Guilty Anymore

Who doesn't love chocolate? Most of us do!!!!!!  Feeling hungry between meals is very annoying, especially...
1000 calorie diet Plan

The 1000 Calorie Diet Plan For Quick Weight Loss

A balanced diet is a fuel you need if you are trying to achieve a...
Girls in Yoga Pants

10 Reasons why Girls in Yoga Pants adore their pants

Girls fashion has undergone a sea-change in the recent past. Gone are the days when...

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