The Pesco-Mediterranean diet

Pesco-Mediterranean Diet | How To Follow?

At the present time, there are plenty of diets to choose from. In our article, we will help you to know more about the...
Paleo Vs. Mediterranean Vs. Vegan

Paleo Vs. Mediterranean Vs. Vegan | Which One to Follow?

Following a healthy diet is a daily challenge. Today our article is about a popular diet, which is the paleo diet. We will talk...
Mediterranean Dash Diet

Mediterranean Vs Dash Diet | What About Combining Them?!

There are many and many different kinds of diets everywhere! But, you should recognize that good nutrition leads to good health, so you should...
pureed diet

Pureed Diet: What is It?, How-To?, and Uses

The pureed diet is a common eating plan for people with swallowing difficulties, like those who have had strokes or other types of brain...
Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet for weight loss

The Mediterranean Keto Diet | Combining the Two GIANTS

Choosing a suitable diet may be confusing and not easy because there are many dietary approaches, but not every diet may fit you. In...
Watermelon for weight loss

Watermelon Diet for Weight Loss | Why You Should Give It...

With summer just around the corner, many people are looking for ways to shed some pounds before they hit the beach. And starting from...
The Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet | Different Protocols and Foods To Follow

Weight loss is not magic! Yes, most people dream of losing weight quickly but believe me, it’s not healthy. There are many diet plans...
HCG diet plan

HCG Diet Plan | Ultimate Guide From A to Z

If you struggle with being overweight, or you want to get rid of some extra kilos, you will have to try different diet plans...
Coffee and lemon Juice Diet

The Coffee and lemon Juice Diet | Is It Effective?

There is a new trend nowadays on the internet that claims Lemon and coffee have a great effect on melting belly fat together. Some...
Dr. Nowzaradan Diet Plan

What Is Dr. Nowzaradan Diet Plan? With Success Stories 

Dr.Younan Nowzaradan is a well-known surgeon whose famous name is Dr. Now. Iran is his native country, where he was born in 1944. He...

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