Losing weight is one of the most challenging experiences almost everyone faces at some point in their life. It requires both patience and determination to reach a noticeable result without causing any damage.

There are so many diets and regimes –Such as 1000 calorie diet– with different instructions that might confuse you some time, but the base of these systems should be the same (move more, eat less but do not damage your health).

If you follow these simple-sounding instructions, you will lose weight in a particular healthy range, you will burn 500-1000 calories a day on average, regardless of, which kinds of healthy diets you are on. It only has to fit certain criteria to reach the 1000-burned calorie number.

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A healthy diet is one which can be a lifestyle later, with a program change both our food and exercise habits and upgrade it to a level that makes our body look better and blood cleaner.

Change your food to be nutritional, available regularly, and eatable during and after the diet, and with regard to physical activity.

Burn 1000 calorie to lose weightThere are some exercises and workouts that may speed up the process and help you burn 1000 calories on a daily basis. Today we are going to focus on these activities.

But first, you have to know how your body loses weight 

The body loses weight in three ways:

  • Thermogenesis- a thermodynamic process to generate heat in order to maintain internal balance during which you lose 5-10% of your calorie intake. 
  • Metabolism- what your lean body mass (brain, organs, and muscles) needs from energy to work and move and for your body to function properly.

Metabolism for weight loss

You can estimate the exact amount of energy, your (basal metabolic rate BMR) required by measuring your lean body mass:

        (the total body weight – the total body fat). (R) 

Metabolism is the major energy consumption process in the body. besides lean body mass, BMR has many variables, it is affected by height, weight, age, and gender.

For example, a 25 years old man and 180cm long have a BMR of 1605 calorie/day. this is his daily requirement of energy if he was lying in bed all day. 

  • The physical effort is simply any effort made by your muscles and determined by your daily routine and activity whether you are a sedentary person (have a desk job) or a moderate exerciser ( workout 3-4 times a week) or an athlete with an intensely physical profession.

physical effort(exercising) is the only factor you can work on to increase your energy consumption to burn more calories daily– our article s’ goal today. So, here are some activities you can start to do.

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We all walk in our lives, walking is a moderate aerobic (oxygen-producing) exercise that people should not consider only takes place in tracks or treadmills.

Your movement in your house while cooking or cleaning or even when you go to the bathroom are steps that can be counted and added to your personal time of daily activity.

There are footsteps counter applications like the pacer app (4.9 stars) a pedometer which count your daily steps, calories burnt, heart rate and how long did you stay active today.


How much walking to burn 1000 calories?

It depends on your weight and height along with the muscle mass, 160-pound man walking at 3.5 mph speed for one hour can burn about 314 calories, which means he will have to walk in a straight path for 135 minutes to burn 1000 calories.

Treadmill walking burns 1000 calories in an hour!!

Amazingly, you can burn 1000 calories in an hour by using your treadmill and walking at a moderate speed, approximately 7mps. A lower speed (3.5 mph) can make you lose the same number but in two and a half an hour.

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The strongest aerobic exercise to burn calories. it should not be on a special track. you can do it in any open place, in a street or in your nearby garden. running improves your health gradually, it protects you from strokes and cardiovascular diseases in a long term and makes you breathe better over time and feel energetic.

If you want to add running to your weekly routine, you have to inform your doctor in case you are diabetic or a blood pressure patient, or any other disease that might be elevated by strong activities.

You shall start with short distances, warm up with walking and always choose straight paths.


How much running should you do to burn 1000 calories?

After running gradual distances for a month and your body get used to the adrenaline rush every time, you can take this exercise to the next level (the high-intensity interval training) some people call it Sprint Interval Training.

It is a little hard but an effective way to burn 1000 calories in each training. 

Running for 60 minutes at eight miles per hour can make you burn 1,074 calories if your weight was around 100kg. isn’t it amazing?! (R)


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Both types of abdominal exercises are done by lying down on the floor and lifting your knee up putting your legs side by side.

A sit-up is a training focus on the neck, chest, thighs, and lower back muscles besides the abdomen.

sit ups

It doesn’t give you six-packs abs but it improves your posture and strengthens your core building up more muscles around your belly, reduces the fat and calorie intake which all helps you look better.

A crunch focuses on your abdominal muscle mainly improving balance and overall fitness. 


Unlike sit-ups, you don’t lift your back at more than a 90-degree angle while doing crunches, you lift your head, shoulders, and almost your back to a small degree, exhale in rising, and inhale when you move your body back to the ground.

This kind of movement can cause stress on your back and be painful if you did it more than 10-20 times as a beginner and you have to warm your body up first, so sit-ups will be a better way to burn the 1000 calories goal.

How many sit-ups to burn 1000 calories?

A minute of this calisthenic exercise can make you lose 3-9 calories depends on your training pace. On an average scale, it is believed that 5000 sit-ups can make you lose 1000 calories, and a person can do 50 sit-ups each minute so in order to accomplish these 5000 sit-ups in a week you have to do sit-up exercises for 15 minutes a day.

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It is an effective and fast way to lose a great number of calories in one session. Another high-intensity technique depends on a course of multi-skeletal workouts just as: combining burpees, pushups, deadlifts, and shoulder presses with short rests in between.

Circuit Training

It is a type of exercise that improves your weightlifting capacity and enables you to burn 1000 calories in two hours maximum.

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Other activities like swimming can make you burn 1000 calories in 90-120 minutes, outdoor cycling can make a person of 125 pounds weight loses the 1000 calories in 100 mins.

Two hours of jumping ropes –the amusing workout- can do the job along with jumping jacks, burpees, and cardio exercises.

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During your journey to lose weight, you have to be realistic and knowledgeable of your own body’s capacities.

Despite what you read online or watch on you-tube, each body has its own genes, chemical hormones, and thyroid levels which highly affect its rates of losing weight.

Even if you followed the proper diet and fitness program, you still need to wait for your body to adjust to your new habits in order to give you a satisfying result….so be patient…. your weight is going down inevitably !!

Sophia Alex
I have been a Registered Dietitian for over 11 years, working in many different capacities. The majority of my experience has been working as an outpatient dietitian. I have had a lot of experience in the areas of research, general wellness, weight loss, oncology, CKD/renal failure, celiac disease, diabetes (I and II) and gastrointestinal concerns.


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