The 6 Best Yoga Mats

Best Yoga Mats
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Using the right material and type of yoga mat is very important if you want to get the maximum benefit from your yoga sessions. When you feel uncomfortable with the mat, you cannot concentrate on your yoga exercises. Your entire purpose of yoga is defeated when you don’t use the right mats. When you set out to buy a proper mat for yourself, you will experience a problem of plenty because there are quite a lot of brands of mats making tall claims in the market today. How do you know which mat would suit your purpose well? Here, we have made your decision –making the process a bit easier, by giving our recommendations on the best yoga mats in a few specific categories

  1. Best thick yoga mat – Jade Fusion 68-inch Yoga Mat
  2. Best Yoga Mat for comfort – Liforme Yoga Mat
  3. Best sweat – repelling yoga mat– Lululemon Athletica’s Reversible Mat
  4. Best Yoga Mats for good grip in all weather conditions- Jade Harmony Yoga Mat
  5. Best Yoga Mat for beginners – Yoga Accessories ¼” Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat
  6. Best Lightweight Yoga Mat – Aurorae Classic Thick Yoga Mat

Let’ see the features, pros, and cons of each of these mats in the trailing sections:

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Jade Fusion Yoga Mat

If you are looking for a thick and firm yoga mat that provides you enough support/grip while you are doing your exercise, the Jade Fusion 68” Yoga Mat is the best choice for you.

Jade Fusion 68” Yoga Mat Features

  • Made from open-cell natural rubber mostly and a minor percentage of renewable sources, providing optimum grip to users
  • All mats manufactured in the USA
  • Partnership with the Trees For the Future Organisation, which ensures that they plant a tree for every yoga mat they sell

Jade Fusion 68” Yoga Mat Pros

Yoga Mats Pros

  • Great moisture absorption capacity
  • Excellent grip provided to users
  • Very reliable and durable
  • Only natural rubber is used
  • Contributes immensely to the environment

Jade Fusion 68” Yoga Mat ConsYoga Mats Cons

  • Rubber smell takes a while to go off
  • Stickiness is lost when exposed to the sun for a long time
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Liforme Yoga Mat

More often than not, you are looking for that one yoga mat that not only suits you as a beginner but also suits when you progress to do some advanced levels of exercises and asana postures. You want a comfortable mat that provides good balance and grip to your body and doesn’t let you slip off. If you are in search of that mat that provides you with overall comfort and great value for money, the Liforme Yoga Mat is the right choice for you.

Liforme Yoga Mat Features

  • Interesting and unique AlignForMe system wherein yogis can mark their alignments and practice in the space that is comfortable for them
  • GripForMe system ensures that you don’t lose your grip at any time, even if you are sweating profusely
  • Made from body-kind and PVC-free materials with the help of a revolutionary heat-binding technology
  • Comes with a great blend of comfort, stability, grip and cushioning

Liforme Yoga Mat ProsLiforme Yoga Mat Cons

  • Considered to be the yoga mat with the strongest grip in today’s world
  • Eco-friendly
  • Natural rubber base and cushioning in the areas of knees and hips to provide more stability, support and cushioning for users
  • Suitable for beginners and experts
  • Longer, wider and thicker than almost all the yoga mats in the market today

Liforme Yoga Mat Cons

Liforme Yoga Mat Cons

  • Priced quite steeply
  • Very thick, so it may not be possible for you to carry it around to various places
[vc_custom_heading text=”3. Best Sweat-repelling yoga Mat – Lululemon Athletica’s Reversible Mat” font_container=”tag:h2|font_size:32|text_align:left|color:%23399998″ use_theme_fonts=”yes”]

If you sweat profusely, you know how frustrating it can be when sweat keeps dripping on your mat all the time, thereby loosening your grip. You have to invest in a separate microfiber cloth to cover your mat, in these cases. How nice would it be to have a mat that absorbs all your sweat instantly and doesn’t compromise on your grip/stability? The Lululemon Athletica Reversible Mat is designed exactly this way.

Lululemon Athletica’s Reversible Mat Features

  • Made from natural rubber with a polyurethane top layer to prevent accidents
  • Comes in 3mm and 5mm but even the 5mm isn’t very thick; so you can use it with ease
  • Great for people who do hot yoga or for those who sweat profusely, thanks to its super moisture-absorption feature
  • Reversible mat that comes in 9 attractive colour options
  • Comes with an anti-microbial additive for effective fungus and bacteria removal

Lululemon Athletica’s Reversible Mat Pros

Lululemon Athletica’s Reversible Mat Pros

  • Excellent grip and control
  • Reversible nature gives you the flexibility to choose the mat surface by your mood or exercise
  • One of the best moisture-absorbing mats in this category

Lululemon Athletica’s Reversible Mat Cons

Lululemon Athletica’s Reversible Mat Cons

  • Not suitable for people with latex allergies
  • The rubber smell takes a while to go off
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Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat is considered to the best among all mats that offer a great grip in all weather conditions. This is because this mat only focuses on balance, but also on stability. With ample cushioning provided under the areas of the knees, this mat aims to make yoga enjoyable for people of all age group.

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Features

  • Great traction and a decent amount of padding
  • Open-cell rubber design, which improves the moisture-absorption capacity of this mat
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • One tree planted for every yoga mat sold by Jade

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Pros

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Pros

  • One of the best anti-slip yoga mats which provides optimal grip to users in all weather conditions
  • Extra cushion provided in the knee and elbow areas
  • Made from natural rubber and toxic-free plastics
  • You can glide on the mat without falling even once
  • Extra comfort, thanks to the 4.7mm extra thickness
  • Nine attractive colours to choose from

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Cons

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Cons

  • Rubber smell is very predominant
  • Not that effective in absorbing sweat or moisture
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Yoga Accessories ¼” Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat

If you are a beginner, you would be doing only simple exercises and postures in yoga. You have just started out, and you wouldn’t want to invest a huge sum on a yoga mat, for obvious reasons. It is highly recommended that you opt for a basic/simple yoga mat that gives you a reasonable balance and grip. Of all the mats that are available for newbie yogis, the one from Yoga Accessories is the best for various reasons.

Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat Features

  • Extra thickness, thanks to the ¼” PVC Foam, which provides good stability for users
  • At 74” inches long, this is a very spacious mat designed to provide you optimum comfort
  • 6” longer than the other mats in this price range
  • 29 different colours to pick from

Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat Pros

Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat Pros

  • Double-sided mat with non-slip texture technology
  • Tear-resistant mat that is very durable
  • No chemicals, heavy latex or heavy metals are used in manufacturing this mat

Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat Cons

Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat Cons

  • Not suitable if you have very sensitive knees, because there is no extra cushion for the knees or elbows
  • The strong chemical smell that lasts for a few weeks may irritate a few users
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Aurorae Classic Thick Yoga Mat

Everybody loves a yoga mat that is very light and easy to carry around when they travel, isn’t it? Most of the yoga mats that you find in the market today are very thick and heavy. Light mats are usually perceived as risky because it is believed that they cannot provide you the grip that you need while doing yogic postures. This is why you will be impressed with the Aurorae Classic Thick Yoga Mat. It is thick in a classy way and provides you the grip that you need as well.

Aurorae Classic Thick Yoga Mat Features

  • Comes with a Rising Moon Focal Point to help you concentrate while doing yoga
  • Made from non-toxic elements and are odour-free as well
  • Comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years
  • Comes in 11 exciting, bright colours

Aurorae Classic Thick Yoga Mat Pros

  • Very affordably priced
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Odourless and easy to maintain
  • Comes with non-slip rosin as well
  • Provides decent grip and balance to your knees, hips, and shoulders

Aurorae Classic Thick Yoga Mat Cons

Aurorae Classic Thick Yoga Mat Cons

  • Not made from natural rubber
  • May not be suitable to use during wet conditions

In a nutshell, we would recommend you first to assess your requirements and spell them down before you set out to buy a yoga mat. This way, you can invest in a mat that fits your purpose perfectly. You can also avoid spending on features that you don’t require and consider investing in some really good features when you note down your requirements.

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